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VERSUS – Ride On

The design, like the PBR Tour, is dramatic and cinematic in scope.  Based in a real world environment with elements of fantasy, the Dirt Road blazes across America growing in scale, fury and momentum.  The Dirt Road is a powerful force exerting its energy on the environment as well as on the camera, creating camera shakes that reflect its power.

The Dirt Road, representing the PBR Tour, is the main thread that ties the entire campaign together.  Traveling through the American landscape represented by iconic images like The Empire State Building, The Gateway Arch, Monument Valley, The Hollywood sign, its final destination is the PBR Tour World Finals under the sparkling lights of Las Vegas.

Although the Dirt Road is a constant element throughout the 2010 PBR campaign, each location within each spot will have a distinct look representative of its location in America.  This will be accomplished through distinctive color-correction of the images for the different locations.  For example, the Dirt Road, in all of its dust and fury, will travel through a blue-toned, cold city environment, like New York City, whereas when the Dirt Road travels through a mid-western city, the environment will be color-corrected towards greens and browns to feel gritty and harsh.